No-Clean Tacky Flux - 3.5g Syringe

CircuitWorks® Lead-Free Tacky Flux, 3.5 gm syringe
The conveniently packaged flux gel formulated for easy lead-free BGA rework.

Product Features:
• Specifically formulated for the higher temperature requirements of lead free applications
• Syringe applicator provides exact delivery of flux to surface
• Long tack time, extended shelf life
• No refrigeration required
• Noncorrosive, halide and halogen free
• Meets IPC requirements for ROL0, No Clean
• Excellent consistency with stable viscosity
• Conforms to ISO 9454
• Meets Bellcore TR-NWT-000078 requirements
• Meets DIN EN 29454-1 1.1.3.C classification
• RoHS Compliant

• Ideal for lead-free BGA rework applications requiring higher activation temperatures