Coventry Sterile Foam Sampling Swabs 500 swabs per bag

Sterile Foam Sampling Swabs, Bag of 500

• Head: Polyurethane foam
• Handle: Polystyrene or ABS
• 100 ppi reticulated foam structure for maximum absorption
• Foam cell structure is open, which facilitates rapid absorption and thorough release of specimen into analyzing solution.

Coventry™ Sterile Sampling Swabs have been engineered to efficiently collect biological fluids for elution and analysis especially nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal sampling.

Sampling Swabs are ETO sterilized -- free from human DNA, enzymes that degrade DNA and RNA, and polymerase chain reaction inhibitors.

Swab heads are available with either flocked or foam material. Brush-like flocked microfiber swabs are more comfortable, soft, and absorbent with high surface area for rapid capillary absorption of fluid specimens.

Coventry Sterile Sampling Swabs provide more consistent and repeatable sample collection to drastically reduce resampling.

Factory Certificates available:
• FDA Registered
• ISO13485:2016 since 2018 (TÜV Rheinland)
• EC Certificate Dir 93/42/EEC Annex V
• Made for COVENTRY™ by Miraclean

Diameter: 3.6 mm
Length: 0.55 inches (14 mm)

Diameter of Grip End: 2.5 mm
Length of Grip End: 2.91 inches (74 mm)
Diameter of Tip End: 2.5 mm
Length of Tip End: n/a
Neck / Break Point: 3.15 inches (80 mm) from tip
Overall Length: 6.06 inches (154 mm)