Coventry Poly-ESD Wipes (9" x 9") 100 wipes/bag, 9”x9” per wipe

  • Manufacturer: Chemtronics
  • Category: Dry Wipes
  • Model # 6209HC1664
  • Pemro # CHM-1554
  • $45.97 $ 43.66/each
  • Available to Order

Minimum order quantity is 8

Must order in multiples of 8

Static Free Mat & Benchtop Reconditioner is an excellent cleaner and surface treatment specifically engineered for use in ESD sensitive environments. It is now available in an efficient pre-saturated wipe. Static Free Mat & Benchtop Reconditioner penetrates and lifts light oils, fingerprints and flux residues from surfaces while providing static dissipative protectionand rejuvenating ESD mats.

Features & Benefits
Long-lasting dissipative protection -- 30 days or more (depending on use)
Meets static decay criteria of MIL-B-891705C
Will not dry mat surfaces with repeated use
Excellent for use on nonporous opaque surfaces
Safe for use on most fabrics, plastics, and other surfaces not harmed by water
Effective at low relative humidity below 15%
Chloride and amine free formulation

Cleanroom wipe material:
• Mono-filament no-run construction and sealed edge to prevent loose fiber and particles generation
• Class 10 cleanroom laundered
• Strong yet gentle soft non-abrasive, non-scratching
• Highly saturated for wiping large surface areas -- last wipe is as wet as the first
• Permits wiping wide variety of smooth or complex contoured surfaces

Cleans, rejuvenates and adds static dissipative protection to:
• Benchtops Production/Assembly Surfaces
• Shelves, Bins, Tool Cribs and Storage Cabinets
• Static Dissipative/Antistatic Mats
• Many porous and non-porous materials
• Static Grounding Devices