SPC™ Sorbent Booms

  • Manufacturer: Brady
  • Model # SPC5510 (107830)
  • Pemro # BDX-9504
  • $193.99 $ 192.64/each
  • Available to Order

SPC™ Sorbent Booms, 2/Bale

The Premium SPC™ are strong, lint-free, and gapless. They are easy to handle even when saturated with oil and petroleum based fluids. This double 5" boom lies flat to cover more surface area.

Absorbency: 61 gal/bale
Application: Outfalls and Discharge Ponds
Class: Oil Only
Configuration: Boom
Product Name: Premium SPC™ Booms
Size: 5" x 10'
Type: Booms