BattleMat™ Heavy Pad

  • Manufacturer: Brady
  • Model # BM100 (107678)
  • Pemro # BDX-9354
  • $177.99 $ 176.75/each
  • Available to Order

BattleMat™ Heavy Pad, 100/Bale

BattleMat™ is as tough as it looks, featuring an industrial camouflage and a heavy duty approach to cleaning up spills. These 2-ply gray pads are perfed and tough enough to take whatever you dish out. Ideal as walk-on mats or single use absorbents in manufacturing plants and similar environments.

Absorbency: 28 gal/bale
Application: Walkways, Workstations, Drums - Liquid Storage, Outfalls and Discharge Ponds
Class: Universal
Configuration: Pad
Product Name: BattleMat™
Size: 15" x 19"
Technology: Hybrid