Gothic Quik-Align Ten Packs

  • Manufacturer: Brady
  • Model # 5180-2 (51802)
  • Pemro # BDU-5864
  • $19.69 $ 19.18/each

Gothic Quik-Align® Ten Packs, 10/Package

Our Gothic Quik-Align® numbers and letters are made of pressure sensitive, matte finish B-933 vinyl, pigmented throughout for durability and fade resistance. Industrial grade material resists temperature extremes, abrasion and common solvents and aggressive adhesive holds for years both indoors and outdoors when applied to clean, dry surfaces. The self-spacing, self-aligning diecut characters interlock to ensure perfect spacing for professional looking signs every time. Keep your Quik-Align® Kits current by refilling them with Ten Pack replacements. Standard package: 10 identical characters or arrows per pack ($, & and punctuation are 5 per pack). Order in package quantities.

Color: Black
Brady Material Number: B-933
Character Height: 6"H
Legend: 2
Letter Case: Upper
Material Description: Vinyl
Font Style: Gothic