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4" Flush Oval Head Cutter with Green Cus

Xcelite MS54JN/Pemro # XCE-1006

$34.30 $33.32/ea

Available to Order

T-25 Torx Series 99 Interchangeable Blad

Xcelite 9925XTDN (9925XTD)/Pemro # XCE-1289

$9.30 $9.03/ea

Available to Order

T-6 Torx Series 99 Interchangeable Blade

Xcelite 996XTDN (996XTD)/Pemro # XCE-1334

$9.30 $9.03/ea

In stock

T-20 x 3" Screwdriver for Torx Head Scre

Xcelite XTD20N (XTD20)/Pemro # XCE-1878

$10.80 $10.49/ea

Available to Order

T-25 x 3" Screwdriver for Torx Head Scre

Xcelite XTD25BKN (XTD25BK)/Pemro # XCE-1882

$8.60 $8.35/ea

Available to Order

4 1/2" Diagonal Lead Cutter with Green C

Xcelite S475JSNN (TS54N)/Pemro # XCE-1900

$30.00 $29.15/ea

In stock

5" Oval Head Diagonal Semi-flush Cutter

New Part Number: TS55NKS

Xcelite S54SNN (TS55NKS)/Pemro # XCE-1906

$31.50 $30.61/ea

Available to Order

5" Oval Head Diagonal Cutter

New Part Number: TS55NS

Xcelite S55SNN (TS55NS)/Pemro # XCE-1904

$32.80 $31.87/ea

Available to Order

4" Relieved Head Diagonal Cutter

Xcelite S424JSNN (TS424NJS)/Pemro # XCE-1915

$33.40 $32.45/ea

Available to Order