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4 1/2" Cross Lock Self Closing General D

Xcelite XHT412N (XHT412)/Pemro # XCE-1815

$11.00 $10.69/ea

In stock

5" Ignition Pliers with Red Cushion Grip

Xcelite 50CGV/Pemro # XCE-1185

$27.40 $26.62/ea

Available to Order

6" Slip Joint Pliers (LTD STK)

Xcelite 76C/Pemro # XCE-1069


In stock

Plier, Micro Thin Profile, Smooth Jaws

Xcelite 378SMMN/Pemro # XCE-2004

$19.50 $18.94/ea

Available to Order

Plier, 5", Bent Chain Nose

Xcelite CN255GN/Pemro # XCE-2008

$40.40 $39.25/ea

Available to Order

Plier, 5", Curved Nose, CDD

Xcelite CN255VN/Pemro # XCE-2009

$38.80 $37.70/ea

Available to Order

Plier, Transverse Flush End CT

Xcelite EC54JN/Pemro # XCE-2014

$41.20 $40.03/ea

Available to Order

Diagonal End Cutter Pliers, Flush Cut

Xcelite GA54JVN/Pemro # XCE-2022

$51.00 $49.56/ea

Available to Order

Plier, 4-1/2", Angled Tip Cutting

Xcelite LC665JN/Pemro # XCE-2025

$59.00 $57.34/ea

Available to Order

Plier, 5", Short, Chain Nose, Heavy Duty

Xcelite LN225N/Pemro # XCE-2026

$31.60 $30.70/ea

Available to Order