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4 3/4" Thread Nippers, Sharp Points

Wiss TC1/Pemro # WSS-1135


9 3/4 Metalmaster® Compound Action Snips

Wiss M1R/Pemro # WSS-1097


4 1/8" Sewing and Embroidery Scissors New Part Number: T764

Wiss 764 (T764)/Pemro # WSS-1060


4 3/4" Quick Clip® - Blunt Point Blades

Wiss 1571B/Pemro # WSS-1009


Electrician Scissors

Wiss 175E/Pemro # WSS-1013


4 7/8" Filament Cutters

Wiss 605N/Pemro # WSS-1057


Quick-Clip Blades Sharp Points-10 Pair New Part Number: T9328

Wiss 9328 (T9328)/Pemro # WSS-1071


8" Rug Shears

Wiss RS1N/Pemro # WSS-1126


10" Carpet & Industrial Shears

Wiss W1225/Pemro # WSS-1004


10" Carpet Shears

Wiss W1225HLSP/Pemro # WSS-1005


6" Double Blunt Pocket Scissors

Wiss 166/Pemro # WSS-1010


Industrial Shears

Wiss 1DSN/Pemro # WSS-1017


8" Inlaid Bent Trimmers

Wiss 28N/Pemro # WSS-1036


9" Inlaid Bent Trimmers

Wiss 29N/Pemro # WSS-1037


10" Inlaid Straight Trimmer

Wiss W30/Pemro # WSS-1039


6" Solid Steel Bent Trimmers

Wiss 426N/Pemro # WSS-1049


7 1/8" Bent Trimmers Industrial Shears

Wiss 427N/Pemro # WSS-1050


5" Sewing Scissors

Wiss 765/Pemro # WSS-1061


8" Industrial Clippers

Wiss C4ASN/Pemro # WSS-1082


Straight Blade Snips

Wiss J7SN/Pemro # WSS-1094


Kitchen Shears

Wiss KSRN/Pemro # WSS-1095


10 1/2" MultiMaster® Snips Old Part Number = M300

Wiss M300N (M300)/Pemro # WSS-1101


9 3/4" Compound Action Snips

Wiss M3R/Pemro # WSS-1102


9 1/4" Offset Snips

Wiss M6R/Pemro # WSS-1105


9 1/4" Offset Snips

Wiss M7R/Pemro # WSS-1106


Replacement Springs (Pack of 10)

Wiss P406/Pemro # WSS-1121


Replacement Spring (Pack of 10)

Wiss P407/Pemro # WSS-1123


Utility Knife Blade, Pack of Five Old Part Number = RWK14V

Wiss RWK14VR (RWK14V)/Pemro # WSS-1129


Hook Utility Blade, Pack of Five

Wiss RWK16V/Pemro # WSS-1130


4 5/8" Industrial Threat Nippers, Blunt

Wiss TC5/Pemro # WSS-1136


Retractable Knife

Wiss WK5V/Pemro # WSS-1160


Retractable Utility Knife

Wiss WK8V/Pemro # WSS-1163


13" Duckbill Combination Snips

Wiss V19N/Pemro # WSS-1185


8" Industrial Shears

Wiss 2DAN/Pemro # WSS-1194


Electrician Scissors with Pouch

Wiss 175E5V/Pemro # WSS-1016


7 1/2" Industrial Shears, Inlaid®

Wiss 27N/Pemro # WSS-1035


7" Inlaid Straight Trimmers

Wiss 37N/Pemro # WSS-1042


8 1/8" Industrial Straight Trimmer New Part Number: T38N

Wiss 38N (T38N)/Pemro # WSS-1043


8" Poultry Processing Shears, Inlaid®

Wiss 41DBN/Pemro # WSS-1048


8 1/8" Bent Trimmers Industrial Shears

Wiss 428N/Pemro # WSS-1051


8 1/8" Solid Steel Straight Trimmers

Wiss 438N/Pemro # WSS-1054


M1R-SI Specification Aviator Snips

Wiss M1RS1/Pemro # WSS-1098


9 3/4" Compound Action Snips

Wiss M2R/Pemro # WSS-1099


M2R-S1 Specification Aviation Snips

Wiss M2RS1/Pemro # WSS-1100


M-5R Bulldog Snips

Wiss M5R/Pemro # WSS-1104


Household Cutter Old Part Number = MPC3

Wiss MPC3N (MPC3)/Pemro # WSS-1107


General Purpose SE Cutter

Wiss MPX/Pemro # WSS-1108


Blade Utility Knife R

Wiss RWK14D/Pemro # WSS-1128


Display, Tinner's Snip Assortment

Wiss WF1/Pemro # WSS-1153


Display for Metalmaster® Snip Assortment

Wiss WF2/Pemro # WSS-1154


Fixed Blade Utility Knife with 3 Blades

Wiss WK9V/Pemro # WSS-1164


4 3/4" Quick Clip® - Sharp Point Blades

Wiss 1570B/Pemro # WSS-1008


Belt and Leather Cutters (LTD STK)

Wiss 8BLTN/Pemro # WSS-1065


8 1/4" Straight Pattern Snip

Wiss A12N/Pemro # WSS-1181


12 1/2" Straight Pattern Snips

Wiss A9N/Pemro # WSS-1186


12" Industrial Shear, Wide Blade

Wiss W22W/Pemro # WSS-1214


3" Straight Handle Seamer Old Part Number = WS3

Wiss WS3N (WS3)/Pemro # WSS-1233


8.25" Pinking Shears

Wiss CB8/Pemro # WSS-1246


Belt & Leather Cutting Shear

Wiss W8BLT/Pemro # WSS-1250


Auto-Retractable Folding Utility Knife

Wiss WKAR1/Pemro # WSS-1251


Folding Utility Knife

Wiss WKF1/Pemro # WSS-1252


Scissor, Electrician, 2" Serrated,5.25

Wiss 175E5/Pemro # WSS-1253


Quick-Clip, Blade, 10 Pair, 1571B New Part Number: T9329

Wiss 9329 (T9329)/Pemro # WSS-1254


Snip Qp, M123R, 24Pc, Racing

Wiss M123RQPR/Pemro # WSS-1255


Multi-Purpose Cutter

Wiss MPX5/Pemro # WSS-1257


Flip Joint Cable Cutter

Wiss 0890CSFW/Pemro # WSS-1258


Electrical Cable Cutter

Wiss 0890CSJW/Pemro # WSS-1259


Scissor, Electrician, 2" Serrated, 5.25

Wiss 175E5VS/Pemro # WSS-1260


Set, 2Pc, M1R, M3R, Sensormatic Canada

Wiss M13RS/Pemro # WSS-1261


Aviation Snip, Edge, Left Cut

Wiss M1X/Pemro # WSS-1262


Aviation Snip, Edge, Right Cut

Wiss M2X/Pemro # WSS-1263


Aviation Snip, Edge, Straight Cut

Wiss M3X/Pemro # WSS-1264


Multi Purpose Cutter

Wiss PWC9W/Pemro # WSS-1265


Scissor, Titanium Coated, 10"

Wiss W10T/Pemro # WSS-1266


Scissor, Full Metal, Titanium Coated,10"

Wiss W10TM/Pemro # WSS-1267


Scissor Full Metal Single Ring 11"

Wiss W11TM/Pemro # WSS-1268


Lightweight Snip, Offset, 13"

Wiss W13LO/Pemro # WSS-1269


Utility Scissor, Titanium Coated, 7"

Wiss W7T/Pemro # WSS-1270


Scissor, Stainless Steel, 8 1/2"

Wiss W812S/Pemro # WSS-1271


Wiss 2015 New Cutting Mix

Wiss WF2015/Pemro # WSS-1272


Utility Knife, Auto-Retracting

Wiss WKAR2/Pemro # WSS-1273


Utility Knife, Folding Quick Change

Wiss WKF2/Pemro # WSS-1274


Folding Pocket Knife

Wiss WKFP1/Pemro # WSS-1275


Wiss Pocket Knife Clip Strip

Wiss WKFP1CS/Pemro # WSS-1276


Siding Removal Tool

Wiss WSR1N/Pemro # WSS-1277


3" Offset Handle Hand Seamer Old Part Number = WS4

Wiss WS4N (WS4)/Pemro # WSS-1234


6" Hand Seamer, Straight Handle Old Part Number = WS6

Wiss WS6N (WS6)/Pemro # WSS-1235


Snap Lock Punch (Vinyl/ Aluminum Siding)

Wiss WSLP1/Pemro # WSS-1236


Cable Tie Tensioning Tool

Wiss WT1/Pemro # WSS-1238


Trim Nail Punch

Wiss WTNP1/Pemro # WSS-1239


HVAC Tools Display

Wiss WHVAC1/Pemro # WSS-1242


3-Blade Crimper, 1-1/4" Depth Old Part Number = WC3S

Wiss WC3SN (WC3S)/Pemro # WSS-1217


5-Blade Crimper, 1-1/4" Depth Old Part Number = WC5S

Wiss WC5SN (WC5S)/Pemro # WSS-1219


12" Folding Tool

Wiss WF12/Pemro # WSS-1220


18" Folding Tool

Wiss WF18/Pemro # WSS-1221


24" Folding Tool

Wiss WF24/Pemro # WSS-1222


2-Piece Home Craft Sew Scissor Set

Wiss WHCS2/Pemro # WSS-1225


Hand Notcher Old Part Number = WHN1

Wiss WHN1N (WHN1)/Pemro # WSS-1226


Large Ratchet Pipe Cutter

Wiss WRPCLG/Pemro # WSS-1228


Medium Ratchet Pipe Cutter

Wiss WRPCMD/Pemro # WSS-1229