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System, MFR Desolder, External Air

(Venturi Box)

Metcal MFR-1150/Pemro # OKI-4034

$820.00 $815.03/ea

Available to Order

Desoldering System with Internal Pump

Metcal MFR-1350/Pemro # OKI-4149

$885.00 $879.64/ea

Available to Order

Upgrade Kit: Solder Tip Handpiece, WS1

Metcal MFR-UK2/Pemro # MTC-2645

$240.00 $230.89/ea

Available to Order

Soldering Handpiece w/ Cart Removal Pad

Metcal MX-RM3E/Pemro # MTC-1110

$143.00 $137.57/ea

In stock

Power supply for MFR-1100 Series

Metcal MFR-PS1100/Pemro # MTC-2650

$273.00 $271.35/ea

Available to Order

Bench-Top Volume Extraction System

Single User, Arm/Plenum System, PRE-HEPA-GAS

Metcal BVX-101/Pemro # MTC-1010

$675.00 $657.47/ea

Available to Order

Two Operator Volume Extraction System

PRE-HEPA-GAS, with two BVX-ARML Arms

Metcal BVX-201-KIT/Pemro # MTC-1178

$990.00 $964.29/ea

Available to Order

Brass Pads / Pack of 10

Metcal AC-BP/Pemro # MTC-1894

$15.70 $15.10/ea

In stock

Workstand, Soldering Iron, Sleeper


Metcal WS1G/Pemro # MTC-2615

$97.40 $93.70/ea

Available to Order

Solder / Desolder System

with Internal Pump

Metcal MFR-1351/Pemro # OKI-4036

$1,077.00 $1,070.47/ea

Available to Order