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Wrist Strap with 6' Cord

SCS ECWS61M-1/Pemro # SCC-1054


In stock

Plastic Desiccant Pouch / 3" x 4.5"

SCS 1PLDES300/Pemro # SCC-1030

$114.70 $113.99/ea

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Wrist Strap Grounding Cord- 5' Dual Wire

SCS 2360/Pemro # MMM-1031

$28.65 $28.30/ea

In stock

Aisle Marking Tape, 3" x 54' Roll

SCS AISLETAPE54/Pemro # SCC-1026

$21.93 $21.43/ea

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Kraft Dessicant Pouch, 550/Pail

SCS 1/2KDES550/Pemro # SCC-1411

$144.56 $143.66/ea

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Tyvek Dessicant Pouch

SCS 1/2PLDES550/Pemro # SCC-1193

$148.57 $147.64/ea

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Dual Conductor Wrist Band, Blue

SCS 4720/Pemro # MMM-1090

$8.67 $8.56/ea

In stock

Adjustable Wrist Band (Band Only)

SCS 2204/Pemro # MMM-1296

$8.71 $8.60/ea

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Tyvek Dessicant Pouch, 1,200/PK

SCS 1/6PLDES1200/Pemro # SCC-1197

$194.64 $193.43/ea

Available to Order

Adjust Fabric Wrist Band Only, Dual Wire

SCS 2368/Pemro # MMM-1035


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