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Wrist Strap with 6' Cord

SCS ECWS61M-1/Pemro # SCC-1054


In stock

Wrist Strap Grounding Cord- 5' Dual Wire

SCS 2360/Pemro # MMM-1031

$28.65 $28.30/ea

In stock

Dual Conductor Wrist Band, Blue

SCS 4720/Pemro # MMM-1090

$8.67 $8.56/ea

In stock

Adjustable Wrist Band (Band Only)

SCS 2204/Pemro # MMM-1296

$8.71 $8.60/ea

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Adjust Fabric Wrist Band Only, Dual Wire

SCS 2368/Pemro # MMM-1035


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Wrist Strap Grounding Cord-10' Dual Wire

SCS 2370/Pemro # MMM-1032

$33.29 $32.88/ea

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20' Wrist Strap Grounding Cord,Dual Wire

SCS 2371/Pemro # MMM-1037

$40.64 $40.15/ea

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Disposable Wrist Strap

SCS 2209/Pemro # MMM-1045


Available to Order

Metal Wrist Band - Medium

SCS 2385/Pemro # MMM-1321

$36.25 $35.80/ea

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Conductive Film, .006" x 72" x 150'

SCS 1706 72x150/Pemro # MMM-1178

$350.14 $345.83/ea

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