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Upgrade Kit: Solder Tip Handpiece, WS1

Metcal MFR-UK2/Pemro # MTC-2645

$180.00 $173.16/ea

Single Port Universal Power Supply, MFR

Metcal MFR-PS1100/Pemro # MTC-2650

$226.00 $217.42/ea

System, MFR Desolder, Internal Pump

Metcal MFR-1350/Pemro # OKI-4149

$734.00 $697.30/ea

Dual Output Soldering & Rework System

Metcal MFR-2220/Pemro # MTC-2632

$546.00 $525.27/ea

System, MFR Solder/Desolder

Internal Pump

Metcal MFR-1351/Pemro # OKI-4036

$895.00 $850.25/ea

Workstand, Soldering Iron

Non-Sleep, Black

Metcal MFR-WSSR/Pemro # MTC-2263

$72.03 $69.29/ea

1 Cartridge Soldering Iron Handpiece

Dual Output

Metcal MFR-2210/Pemro # MTC-2639

$546.00 $525.27/ea

Dual Output, 1 Prec. Tweezer Handpiece

Metcal MFR-2240/Pemro # MTC-2640

$659.00 $633.97/ea

1 Prec Twzr, 1 Cartr Solder Handpiece

Dual Output

Metcal MFR-2241/Pemro # MTC-2643

$821.00 $779.95/ea

Upgrade Kit

Tweezers Handpiece, WST Workstand

Metcal MFR-UK4/Pemro # MTC-2633

$296.00 $284.76/ea

System, Single Output

(2) Handpiece,(2) Workstand

Metcal MFR-1161/Pemro # MTC-2638

$519.00 $499.29/ea

Handpiece, Soldering, Cartridge

Metcal MFR-H1-SC2/Pemro # MTC-2652

$108.85 $104.72/ea

MFR Desolder Coil Assembly

Metcal MFR-HDCA/Pemro # MTC-2237

$82.84 $79.69/ea


Soldering/Rework Cartridge Iron, Cord

Metcal MFR-HSR/Pemro # MTC-2241

$103.25 $99.33/ea

Workstand, Precision Tweezer, Black

Metcal MFR-WSPT/Pemro # MTC-2262

$72.03 $69.29/ea

Single Output Soldering & Rework System

Metcal MFR-1110/Pemro # MTC-2634

$386.00 $371.34/ea

System, Single Output

Rework Precision Tweezer

Metcal MFR-1140/Pemro # MTC-2636

$500.00 $481.01/ea

System, Single Output,SSC Soldering Cart

Metcal MFR-1160/Pemro # MTC-2637

$357.00 $343.44/ea

2 Cartridge Soldering Iron Handpieces

Dual Output,

Metcal MFR-2211/Pemro # MTC-2641

$707.00 $671.65/ea

Upgrade Kit

Solder Cart. Handpiece, WS1 Workstand

Metcal MFR-UK1/Pemro # MTC-2644

$180.00 $173.16/ea

Power Supply, Dual Output, No Pump/Air

Metcal MFR-PS2200/Pemro # MTC-2651

$394.00 $379.04/ea

Handpiece, Tweezers, Cartridge

Metcal MFR-H4-TW/Pemro # OKI-3218

$227.65 $219.01/ea

Collection Chamber, Disposable, 10 Pack


Metcal MFR-DC10/Pemro # OKI-4037

$16.83 $16.19/ea

Workstand, MFR Desolder, Universal

Metcal MFR-WSDSU/Pemro # OKI-4046

$72.03 $69.29/ea

System, Single Output, Soldering Tip

Metcal MFR-1120/Pemro # MTC-2635

$370.00 $355.95/ea

Dual Output, 2 Tip Soldering Handpieces

Metcal MFR-2222/Pemro # MTC-2642

$707.00 $671.65/ea

Upgrade Kit

SSC Soldering Cart. HP, WS2 Workstand

Metcal MFR-UK6/Pemro # MTC-2646

$144.00 $138.53/ea

Coil Assembly, MFR-H2-ST2 Handpiece

Metcal MFR-CA3/Pemro # OKI-3216

$38.78 $37.31/ea

Handpiece, Soldering, Tip

Metcal MFR-H2-ST2/Pemro # OKI-3217

$108.85 $104.72/ea

Handpiece, Soldering, Cartridge, SSC

Metcal MFR-H6-SSC/Pemro # OKI-3219

$75.63 $72.76/ea

Handpiece, Long-Reach MFR-HSR With Cord

Metcal MFR-HSRLR/Pemro # OKI-3220

$150.07 $144.37/ea

Power Meter, MFR 0-70W Scale

Metcal MFR-PM70/Pemro # OKI-3221

$74.36 $71.54/ea

System, MFR Desolder, External Air

(Venturi Box)

Metcal MFR-1150/Pemro # OKI-4034

$681.00 $655.14/ea

Collection Chamber, Disposable, 100Pack


Metcal MFR-DC100/Pemro # OKI-4038

$130.74 $125.78/ea

Fitting And Air Hose Kit

Metcal MFR-FTKIT/Pemro # OKI-4039

$32.95 $31.70/ea

Handpiece, MFR Desolder

Selectable With Cord

Metcal MFR-H5-DS/Pemro # OKI-4040

$205.65 $197.84/ea

Pistol Grip For MFR Desolder Handpiece

Metcal MFR-PG/Pemro # OKI-4042

$30.02 $28.88/ea

Power Supply, MFR Switched,Internal Pump

Metcal MFR-PS1300/Pemro # OKI-4043

$506.00 $486.78/ea

MFR Desolder Upgrade Kit

Metcal MFR-UK5/Pemro # OKI-4044

$521.00 $501.22/ea

Cradle, Universal For MFR Desolder

Metcal MFR-WSDSCB/Pemro # OKI-4045

$30.02 $28.88/ea

Workstand, MFR Desolder

Universal W/Venturi Box

Metcal MFR-WSDSX/Pemro # OKI-4047

$346.50 $333.34/ea

Handpiece, Soldering, Tip, 6' Cable

Metcal MFR-H2-ST2-EC/Pemro # MTC-2678

$128.15 $123.28/ea

Handpiece, MFR Desolder And Cradle

Metcal MFR-H5-DS-C/Pemro # OKI-4041

$205.65 $197.84/ea