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Nozzle Kit For Chip Resistors

SOIC & TSOP,Packages

Metcal NZKT-1/Pemro # MTC-2604

$341.83 $328.85/ea

Nozzle, Square, 10mm x 10mm

Metcal HN-B1010/Pemro # OKI-3819

$217.25 $209.00/ea

Nozzle Kit For PLCC, QFP &BQFP, Package

Metcal NZKT-2/Pemro # MTC-2605

$438.85 $422.18/ea

Nozzle Carrier, HCT-1000

Metcal HCT-NC/Pemro # OKI-3803

$136.77 $131.58/ea

Clamp, Nozzle

Metcal HNA-1/Pemro # OKI-3805

$297.33 $286.04/ea


Metcal HCTA-NW1/Pemro # OKI-3806

$63.40 $60.99/ea

Nozzle, Square, 4mm x 7mm, CSP, LGA44

Metcal HN-B0707/Pemro # OKI-3818

$217.25 $209.00/ea

Nozzle, Square, 14mm x 14mm

Metcal HN-B1414/Pemro # OKI-3820

$455.00 $437.72/ea

Nozzle, Rectangle, 14mm x 8mm

Metcal HN-B1408/Pemro # OKI-3821

$196.24 $188.79/ea

Nozzle, Square, 15mm x 15mm

Metcal HN-B1515/Pemro # OKI-3822

$196.24 $188.79/ea

Nozzle, Square, 17.5mm x 17.5mm

Metcal HN-B1818/Pemro # OKI-3823

$216.15 $207.94/ea

Nozzle, Square, 25mm x 25mm

Metcal HN-B2525/Pemro # OKI-3824

$455.00 $437.72/ea

Nozzle, Rectangle, 18.2mm x 8.5mm

Metcal HN-B1809/Pemro # OKI-3825

$216.15 $207.94/ea

Nozzle, Rectangle, 24.5mm x 18.5mm

Metcal HN-B2519/Pemro # OKI-3826

$216.15 $207.94/ea

Nozzle, Square, 27mm x 27mm

Metcal HN-B2727/Pemro # OKI-3827

$249.76 $240.28/ea

Nozzle, Square, 32mm x 32mm

Metcal HN-B3232/Pemro # OKI-3828

$249.76 $240.28/ea

Nozzle, Square, 35mm x 35mm

Metcal HN-B3535/Pemro # OKI-3829

$249.76 $240.28/ea

Nozzle, Square, 40mm x 40mm

Metcal HN-B4040/Pemro # OKI-3830

$249.76 $240.28/ea

Nozzle, Round, 5mm

Metcal HN-J0005/Pemro # OKI-3831

$525.00 $505.06/ea

HCT Nozzle, 6.8mm x 10.2mm, SOIC 14,16

Metcal H-S16/Pemro # MTC-2600

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 2.5mm Dia, Stainless Steel

Metcal H-D25/Pemro # MTC-2601

$23.32 $22.17/ea

HCT Nozzle, 12mm Dia, Stainless Steel

Metcal H-D120/Pemro # OKI-3186

$23.32 $22.17/ea

HCT Nozzle, 5.0mm Dia, Stainless Steel

Metcal H-D50/Pemro # OKI-3187

$23.32 $22.17/ea

HCT Nozzle, 11.9mm x 11.9mm, PLCC-20

Metcal H-P20/Pemro # OKI-3188

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 8.4mm x 8.4mm, QFP-48

Metcal H-Q07/Pemro # OKI-3195

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 13.4mm x 13.4mm, QFP-44

Metcal H-Q10/Pemro # OKI-3196

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 10.6mm x 13.3mm, SOL 20, 20J

Metcal H-SL20/Pemro # OKI-3203

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 21.0mm x 13.3mm, 48 PIN TSOP

Metcal H-TS48/Pemro # OKI-3212

$87.45 $83.13/ea

Optional Nozzle Kit

Metcal NK-1060B/Pemro # OKI-3250

$181.50 $174.61/ea

HCT Nozzle, 10.2x18.4mm, 20-24 PIN TSOP

Metcal H-TSW24/Pemro # OKI-3213

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 12.7mm x 19.8mm

Metcal H-TSW44/Pemro # OKI-3214

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 10.6mm x 15.9mm, SOL 24, 24J

Metcal H-SL24/Pemro # OKI-3204

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 10.6mm x 18.4mm, SOL 28

Metcal H-SL28/Pemro # OKI-3205

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 16.0mm x 27.9mm, SOL 44

Metcal H-SL44/Pemro # OKI-3206

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 13.5mm x 20.6mm, SOL 32

Metcal H-SOJ32/Pemro # OKI-3207

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 13.5mm x 25.4mm, SOJ 40

Metcal H-SOJ40/Pemro # OKI-3208

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 17mm x 7.1mm, 20-24 PIN TSOP

Metcal H-TS24/Pemro # OKI-3209

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 21.0x 9.1mm, 28-32 PIN TSOP

Metcal H-TS32/Pemro # OKI-3210

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 21.0mm x 10.8mm, 40 PIN TSOP

Metcal H-TS40/Pemro # OKI-3211

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 17.3mm x 17.3mm, QFP-52,80

Metcal H-Q14/Pemro # OKI-3197

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 23.4x18.1mm, QFP-64,80,100

Metcal H-Q1420/Pemro # OKI-3198

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 29.8mm x 29.8mm, QFP-208

Metcal H-Q2626/Pemro # OKI-3199

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 31.2mm x 31.2mm

Metcal H-Q28/Pemro # OKI-3200

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 34.5mm x 34.5mm, QFP-240

Metcal H-Q3232/Pemro # OKI-3201

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 10.6mm x 10.8mm, SOL 14,16

Metcal H-SL16/Pemro # OKI-3202

$87.45 $83.13/ea

HCT Nozzle, 14.5mm x 14.5mm, PLCC-28

Metcal H-P28/Pemro # OKI-3189

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 16.9mm x 14.3mm, PLCC-32

Metcal H-P32/Pemro # OKI-3190

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 19.5mm x 19.5mm, PLCC-44

Metcal H-P44/Pemro # OKI-3191

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 21.0mm x 21.0mm, PLCC-52

Metcal H-P52/Pemro # OKI-3192

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 27.1mm x 27.1mm, PLCC-68

Metcal H-P68/Pemro # OKI-3193

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT Nozzle, 32.4mm x 32.4mm, PLCC-84

Metcal H-P84/Pemro # OKI-3194

$99.28 $94.38/ea

HCT, Nozzle, 22.4mm X 22.4mm, BQFP-100

Metcal H-BQ23/Pemro # OKI-3173

$110.77 $105.30/ea

HCT, Nozzle, 37.7mm X 37.7mm, BQFP-196

Metcal H-BQ38/Pemro # OKI-3174

$110.77 $105.30/ea

Workstand with Nozzle Holder

Metcal HCT-WS120/Pemro # OKI-4450

$43.95 $42.28/ea

Pack of 6 Nozzles

Metcal HN-120KIT-6/Pemro # OKI-4452

$34.60 $33.28/ea