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TacFlux089, 10gm/10cc Syringe

Indium 84458-10g 10cc Syringe (FLUXOT-84458)/Pemro # IND-1049


TACFlux089HF, 25gm/30cc Syringe

For manual dispense, with plungers

Indium FLUXOT-84500/Pemro # IND-1124


TACFlux089HF, 10gm/10cc Syringe

For manual dispense, with plungers

Indium FLUXOT-84500-10CC/Pemro # IND-1237


TACFlux025, 25gm/30cc Syringe

Indium TACFlux025-25g 30cc Syr/Pemro # IND-1138


TACFlux025, 10gm/10cc Syringe

Indium TACFlux025-10g 10cc Syr/Pemro # IND-1139


TacFlux020B, 10gm/10cc Syringe

Indium 84283-10g Syringe/Pemro # IND-1154


Ind1E, T3, NC-SMQ80,84% 25gm/10cc Syr

Indium PASTEIN-83294/Pemro # IND-1163

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TACFlux089HF, 25gm/30cc Syringe

Indium FLUXOT-84500-DISP/Pemro # IND-1164


PoPFlux8.9HF-LV, 25gm/30cc Syringe

Indium 84485-25gm/30cc Syringe/Pemro # IND-1165


TacFlux020B, 25gm/30cc Syringe

Indium 84283-25g Syringe/Pemro # IND-1051