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4.5" Straight Strong Tip Tweezer

Excelta 00-SA-ET/Pemro # EXL-1206


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4.75" Straight Strong Tip Tweezer

Excelta 00D-SA-PI-ET/Pemro # EXL-1225


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4.75" Straight High Precision Tweezer

Excelta 3-SA-SE/Pemro # EXL-1275


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4.25" Straight Tip Tweezer

Excelta 3C-CO-ET/Pemro # EXL-1278


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4.75" Straight Tip Tweezer

Excelta 3-CO-ET/Pemro # EXL-1266


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4.25" Straight Tip Fine Point Forceps

Excelta 3C-SA-MP/Pemro # EXL-1285


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4.25" Tapered Tip Tweezer

Excelta 5-CO-ET/Pemro # EXL-1302


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4.5" Micro Fine Point Tweezer

Excelta 5A-CO-ET/Pemro # EXL-1316


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4.5" Curved Fine Tip Tweezer

Excelta 7-CO-ET/Pemro # EXL-1343


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4.5" Bent Tip Tweezer

Excelta 51-CO-ET/Pemro # EXL-1462


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