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5" Plier with Soft ESD Tapered Jaws

Excelta 532-US/Pemro # EXL-1929


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5" Plier with Black Delrin Jaws

Excelta 508D-US/Pemro # EXL-1907


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5" Plier with Soft ESD Jaws

Excelta 531A-US/Pemro # EXL-1927


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Straight Fine Point Tweezer, 3.13"

Copolymer Replaceable .025" Tip

Excelta M-179A-RT/Pemro # EXL-2608


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Replacement Tips for 116-CF

Excelta 116-CF-RTX/Pemro # EXL-2613


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Straight Fine Tweezer, .012" Tip

Replaceable Tip, Reverse Action Carbofib™

Excelta 159-RTN/Pemro # EXL-2617


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Straight Replaceable .060" Tip Tweezer

Reverse Action 5" Carbofib™

Excelta 159D-RTN/Pemro # EXL-2618


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51º Curved Replaceable .012" Tip Tweezer

5" Long, Carbofib® - Reverse Action

Excelta 759-RTN/Pemro # EXL-2634


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