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5" Convace/Convex Plier

Excelta 500-101-US/Pemro # EXL-1855


2.0mm Replacement Tip for 159C-RT

Excelta 159C-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1547


5" Convace/Convex Plier

Excelta 500-101A-US/Pemro # EXL-1856


5" Plier for Straightening

Excelta 508C-US/Pemro # EXL-1906


5" Plier with Nylon Insert Jaws

Excelta 531-US/Pemro # EXL-1926


Anti-Shock Standoff Shear Cutter

Excelta 907-5/Pemro # EXL-2026


Replacement Tips for 162B-RT

Excelta 162B-RTX/Pemro # EXL-2395


0.4mm Replacement Tip for 159-RT

Excelta 159-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1536


.040" Replacement Tip for 159B-RTW

Excelta 159B-RTWX/Pemro # EXL-1543


3.5" Brass Handle Pin Vise

Excelta 227A/Pemro # EXL-1627


0.6mm Replacement Tip for 159A-RT

Excelta 159A-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1538


1.5mm Replacement Tip for 159D-RTW

Excelta 159D-RTWX/Pemro # EXL-1550


1.5mm Replacement Tip for 159D-RT

Excelta 159D-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1551


0.5mm Replacement Tips for 179A-RT

Excelta 179A-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1574


4" Brass Handle Pin Vise

Excelta 227B/Pemro # EXL-1629


Replacement Tip for 759-RT

Excelta 759-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1999


Fine Point Ceramic Tip Tweezer

Excelta 3-CE/Pemro # EXL-2380


Taper Cut Tweezers

Excelta 55-MW/Pemro # EXL-2391


5X Eye Loupe

Excelta 405/Pemro # EXL-2412


Dissection Kit, 7 Piece

Black Zipper Case

Excelta KST-DIS-1/Pemro # EXL-2470


Dissection Kit, 33 Piece

Black Zipper Case

Excelta KST-DIS-2/Pemro # EXL-2471


Needle Holder, Straight - 5" Long

Webster, Stainless Steel

Excelta NH-35-SE/Pemro # EXL-2474


Needle Holder, Straight - 6" Long

Webster, Stainless Steel

Excelta NH-38-SE/Pemro # EXL-2475


Replacement Tips, Bent for TM-500

Excelta TM-500-BX/Pemro # EXL-2478


Replacement Tips, Fine for TM-500

Excelta TM-500-PX/Pemro # EXL-2479


Replacement Tips, Standard for TM-500

Excelta TM-500-X/Pemro # EXL-2480


30° Curved Jaws Clamp, 5" Long

Stainless Steel, Serrated

Excelta 31-SE/Pemro # EXL-2523


Straight Jaws Clamp, 5" Long

Stainless Steel, Locking

Excelta 33-SE/Pemro # EXL-2524


Straight Jaws Clamp, 5" Long

Stainless Steel, Serrated, Locking

Excelta 33A-SE/Pemro # EXL-2525


Surgical Blade Breaker Holder

Stainless Steel 4.5" Long

Excelta 174/Pemro # EXL-2553


Replacement Slide & Screw for 530E-15-US

Excelta 530E-15-US-RSS/Pemro # EXL-2616


Replacement Tips for 762A-RT

Excelta 762A-RTX/Pemro # EXL-2399


Medium Tip ESD Safe PEEK Tweezer

Excelta 162C-RT/Pemro # EXL-2396


Replacement Tips for 162C-RT

Excelta 162C-RTX/Pemro # EXL-2397


4.5" Short Fine Point Cutting Tweezer

Excelta 15A-GW-M/Pemro # EXL-2384


Fine Round Tip Cutting Tweezer

Excelta 15A-RW-M/Pemro # EXL-2386


1/4" Tubing Cutter Replacement Blade

Excelta 2922-14-X/Pemro # EXL-2334


1/8" Tubing Cutter w/ Replaceable Blade

Excelta 2922-18/Pemro # EXL-2335


3/8" Tubing Cutter w/ Replaceable Blade

Excelta 2922-38/Pemro # EXL-2336


4.5" Stainless Steel Cutter

Excelta 2897EHT/Pemro # EXL-2331


5.5" Brass Jaw Straightening Plier

Excelta 508B-US/Pemro # EXL-2318


5.25" Brass Jaw Plier

Excelta 531B-US/Pemro # EXL-2319


5.5" Brass Jaw Straightening Plier

Excelta 532B-US/Pemro # EXL-2320


5.25" Forming Plier

Excelta 900-3RB/Pemro # EXL-2322


6.5" Handling Plier

Excelta 900-100X/Pemro # EXL-2324


4.5" Flat Duckbill Nose Plier, Box Joint

Excelta 2642S/Pemro # EXL-2326


Cutting Blade Tweezer

Excelta 15A-RW-OF/Pemro # EXL-2305


Locking/Holding Tweezer

Excelta 31B-SA-SE/Pemro # EXL-2307


6" Depanelizing Tool

Excelta 51I-6DP/Pemro # EXL-2309


Replacement Tips for 159C-RTW

Excelta 159C-RTWX/Pemro # EXL-2310


5" Straight Tweezer with Arrow Head

Excelta AH-SA-SE/Pemro # EXL-2290


Replacement Leads for PB-1

Excelta PB-1L/Pemro # EXL-2292


Replacement Curved Flat Carbofib Tips

Excelta 759D-RTX/Pemro # EXL-2263



Excelta WARRANTY REPAIR/Pemro # EXL-2228

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5.5" Double Nylon Jaw Plier

Excelta 2831/Pemro # EXL-2401


5.5" Plier

Excelta 2833/Pemro # EXL-2402


4" Pin Vise with Cushion Grip

Excelta 227B-ET/Pemro # EXL-1630


3.5" Pin Vise with Cushion Grip

Excelta 227A-ET/Pemro # EXL-1628


4.5" Steel Double End Pin Vise

Excelta 220/Pemro # EXL-1626


2.0mm Replacement Tip for 179D-RT

Excelta 179D-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1576


1.0mm Replacement Tip for 159B-RT

Excelta 159B-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1544


3.0mm Replacement Tip for 159E-RT

Excelta 159E-RTX/Pemro # EXL-1553