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Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes-70% (100/Refill)

Roll of 100 Wipes

Chemtronics SIP100R/Pemro # CHM-1548

$29.54 $25.83/ea

In stock

Isopropyl Alcohol-99%, 5-Gallon Pail

Chemtronics ES505/Pemro # CHM-1368

$141.02 $136.93/ea

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No-Clean Tacky Flux - 3.5g Syringe

Chemtronics CW8500/Pemro # CHM-1300

$20.34 $16.21/ea

In stock

No-Clean Tacky Flux - 3.5g Syringe

Chemtronics CW8700/Pemro # CHM-1318

$20.32 $16.21/ea

In stock

CircuitWorks® Lead-Free Pocket Solder

Chemtronics S200/Pemro # CHM-1276

$35.32 $30.89/ea

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CircuitWorks® Epoxy Overcoat

Adhesive Syringe 4 g (0.14 oz), Hardener Syringe 3.4 g (0.12 oz)

Chemtronics CW2500/Pemro # CHM-1309

$21.66 $17.63/ea

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CircuitWorks® 60-minute Conductive Epoxy

Chemtronics CW2460/Pemro # CHM-1316

$146.31 $138.45/ea

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CircuitWorks® Conductive Epoxy

Chemtronics CW2400/Pemro # CHM-1188

$109.16 $103.30/ea

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