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Wire Stripper/22-30 Solid,24-32 Stranded

Ideal Industries 45-125/Pemro # IDL-1003


5-1/4" Wire Stripper, 22-8 AWG

Xcelite 103SNV/Pemro # XCE-1104


Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper and Cutter

Klein Tools 11057/Pemro # KLN-1750


T-5 Wire Stripper, 10-18AWG Solid

Ideal Industries 45-120/Pemro # IDL-1001


6" Stripper, Cutter with Spring and Lock

Xcelite 105SCGV/Pemro # XCE-1108


Wire Stripper/14-24 Solid,16-26 Stranded

Ideal Industries 45-121/Pemro # IDL-1002


Dial Wire Stripper

General Tools 69/Pemro # GNT-1019


32 AWG to 10 AWG Combination, Self-adjus

Xcelite SAS3210/Pemro # XCE-1753


Crimping Tool

Crescent WS19H/Pemro # CRE-1623


4-3/4" Fine Adjust. Stripper, 30-18AWG

Erem 510AE/Pemro # ERM-1076


8 1/4" Wire Stripper And Cutter with Cus

Xcelite 104CG/Pemro # XCE-1070


Scratch Awl, Wood Handle, 3 7/8

Crescent 73/Pemro # CRE-1132


Wire Stripper & Cutter

Crescent WS15H/Pemro # CRE-1622


Premium T-14 NM T-Stripper Wire Stripper

Ideal Industries 45-247/Pemro # IDL-1014


Wire Stripper and Cutter Compact

Klein Tools 1003/Pemro # KLN-1356


Wire Stripper and Cutter with Spring

Klein Tools 1004/Pemro # KLN-1406


Adjustable Wire Stripper Solid/Stranded

Klein Tools 74007/Pemro # KLN-1426


Steel Scratch Awl

Klein Tools 66385/Pemro # KLN-1478


Cushion-Grip Scratch Awl

Klein Tools 650/Pemro # KLN-1493


Wire Stripper/Cutter 10-20, 12-22 AWG

Klein Tools 1011/Pemro # KLN-1544


Wire Stripper/Cutter

Klein Tools 11049/Pemro # KLN-1572


Dual-Wire Stripper/Cutter

Klein Tools 11048/Pemro # KLN-1659


Radial Cartridge Stripper

Klein Tools VDV110-802-SEN/Pemro # KLN-1682


Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper and Cutter

Klein Tools 11055/Pemro # KLN-1719


Klein-Kurve® Wire Stripper/Cutter

Klein Tools 11053/Pemro # KLN-1728


Klein-Kurve® Dual Cable Stripper/Cutter

Klein Tools K1412/Pemro # KLN-1844


Dual Cartridge Radial Stripper

Klein Tools VDV100-801-SEN/Pemro # KLN-1846


3CGN Green 3-step Coaxial Wire Stripper

Xcelite 3CSKGN/Pemro # XCE-1165


Interchangeable Replacement Blade

Xcelite SAS3210TRB/Pemro # XCE-1755


Carbon Steel Wire Strippers

Botron B09120/Pemro # BOT-1019


Hardwood Handle Scratch Awl

General Tools 818/Pemro # GNT-1001


Custom Stripmaster, 16-26 AWG, Grit Pad

Ideal Industries 45-177/Pemro # IDL-1088



Fancort JR-JV1/Pemro # FAN-1017



Fancort JR-UV1/Pemro # FAN-1020


T-8 Stripper

Ideal Industries 45-124/Pemro # IDL-1004


ESD Wire Strippers

Botron B0924/Pemro # BOT-1021


5" "V" North Adjustable Stripper

Excelta 510E-US/Pemro # EXL-1909


UTP/STP/Coax Cable Stripper

Ideal Industries 45-165/Pemro # IDL-1087


Reflex™ Premium T-7 Wire Stripper

Ideal Industries 45-417/Pemro # IDL-1052


Stripmaster Lite, 16-22 AWG

Ideal Industries 45-671/Pemro # IDL-1056


Wire Stripper - 16-26 Gauge

Hakko CSP-30-7/Pemro # HKO-3682


Wire Stripper - 20-10 Gauge

Hakko CSP-30-2/Pemro # HKO-3683


Wire Stripper - 30-20 Gauge

Hakko CSP-30-1/Pemro # HKO-3684


ESD Wire Stripper - 30-20 Gauge

Hakko CSP-30-1-D/Pemro # HKO-3685


Adjustable Wire Stripper - 32-22 Gauge

Hakko SF-30/Pemro # HKO-3686


ESD Adjustable Wire Stripper - 32-22 G

Hakko SF-30-D/Pemro # HKO-3687


Co-Axial Cable Wire Stripper

Hakko PCC-1/Pemro # HKO-3688


Economy Wire Stripper - 20AWG

Hakko PST-0.8/Pemro # HKO-3690


Economy Wire Stripper - 22AWG

Hakko PST-0.6/Pemro # HKO-3691


Flat Wire Stripper - 12-16AWG

Hakko SF-40-2/Pemro # HKO-3693


Flat Wire Stripper - 18-30AWG

Hakko SF-40-1/Pemro # HKO-3694


Cable Stripper - 28-35mm

Hakko SC-5/ST/Pemro # HKO-3143


Cable Stripper - 35-50mm

Hakko SC-6/ST/Pemro # HKO-3144


Cable Stripper - 4-16mm

Hakko SC-1/S/Pemro # HKO-3145


Cable Stripper - 8-28mm

Hakko SC-2/S/Pemro # HKO-3146


Single Blade Cable Stripper,8-28mm

Hakko SC-4/2C/Pemro # HKO-3147


Single Blade Cable Stripper,8-28mm

Hakko SC-3/1C/Pemro # HKO-3148


Proturn Stripping Pliers 20-10 AWG

Wiha 57872/Pemro # WHA-5820


ESD 6" Wire Stripper 10-20 AWG

Botron B0923/Pemro # BOT-1853


5" Carbon Steel Wire Stripper

Excelta 502E-US/Pemro # EXL-1874

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Hand Stripping Tool (Empty)

Wiha 44200/Pemro # WHA-2166


ESD Safe Proturn Wire Stripper

Wiha 45810/Pemro # WHA-2226


Heavy Duty Adj Cable Stripper

Wiha 44217/Pemro # WHA-2531


Wire Stripper And Cutter,5" (LTD STK)

Xcelite 100XNV/Pemro # XCE-1976


Wire Stripper,5",Self-Opening Handles

Xcelite 101SNV/Pemro # XCE-1977


Screwdriver Handle Scratch Awl

General Tools 817/Pemro # GNT-1099


Teflon Stripper Inv. Cast

Ideal Industries 45-877/Pemro # IDL-1057


Sckt3/8 Fmale Sq Drv 5/16 Fm

Apex 3410/Pemro # APX-1201


Reflex™ Premium T-8 Wire Stripper

Ideal Industries 45-418/Pemro # IDL-1092


T5 Reflex Wire Stripper, 10-18AWG Solid

Ideal Industries 45-415/Pemro # IDL-1093


Electronic Stripping Pliers 20-10 AWG

Wiha 56871/Pemro # WHA-4309


Ergo Soft Grip Ind Wire Strippers 6.3"

Wiha 30947/Pemro # WHA-5324


Custom Stripmaster Lite, 16-22 AWG Grit Pad

Ideal Industries 45-638/Pemro # IDL-1053


Custom Stripmaster Lite, 20-26 AWG Grit Pad

Ideal Industries 45-639/Pemro # IDL-1054


Custom Stripmaster Lite, 24-30 AWG Grit Pad

Ideal Industries 45-640/Pemro # IDL-1055


Radial Stripper UTP/STP

Klein Tools VDV120-006-SEN/Pemro # KLN-1635


Precision Adj Stripping Tool

Wiha 44220/Pemro # WHA-3852


Round Scratch Awl 6.0 x 100mm

Wiha 30102/Pemro # WHA-4125


Self Adjusting Cutting & Stripping Tool

Wiha 44212/Pemro # WHA-4166

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Wire Stripper - 30-20 Gauge

Hakko CSP-30-1/P/Pemro # HKO-4684


Wire Stripper - 20-10 Gauge

Hakko CSP-30-2/P/Pemro # HKO-4685


Wire Stripper - 16-26 Gauge

Hakko CSP-30-7/P/Pemro # HKO-4686