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Battery-Powered Wrist Strap Tester

Transforming Technologies WST200/Pemro # TRT-1286

$91.91 $82.72/ea

Economy Combo Tester

ACL Staticide 780/Pemro # ACL-1105

$861.00 $736.84/ea

Economy Combo Tester

ACL Staticide 781/Pemro # ACL-1106

$1,045.00 $883.12/ea

Combo Tester Kit

ACL Staticide 750/Pemro # ACL-1107

$2,277.00 $1,783.13/ea

Deluxe Wrist Strap/Footwear Tester

Transforming Technologies PDT800K/Pemro # TRT-1186

$1,790.62 $1,611.55/ea

Combo Wrist Strap/Foot Tester

Botron B82450/Pemro # BOT-1035

$389.92 $366.46/ea

Wrist Strap Tester

Botron B8202/Pemro # BOT-1054

$97.48 $95.38/ea

Wrist Strap Tester

Botron B8201/Pemro # BOT-1031

$143.97 $140.88/ea

ESD Wrist Strap/Heel Grounder Tester

Transforming Technologies GTS900K/Pemro # TRT-1076

$883.82 $795.44/ea

Proximity Reader for ACL 750

ACL Staticide 741/Pemro # ACL-1116

$1,030.00 $817.07/ea

Barcode Scanner for ACL 750

ACL Staticide 755/Pemro # ACL-1117

$615.00 $493.83/ea

Handheld Barcode Scanner for ACL 750

ACL Staticide 755H/Pemro # ACL-1118

$646.00 $512.20/ea

Wrist Strap/Footwear Combo Tester

Transforming Technologies GTS600K/Pemro # TRT-1073

$637.81 $574.03/ea

Wall Mount Test Station

Botron B8506/Pemro # BOT-1082

$287.94 $277.93/ea

Portable Wrist Strap Tester

Botron B8203/Pemro # BOT-1553

$79.48 $77.77/ea

Calibration Unit for WS-HG Testers

Botron B85503/Pemro # BOT-1816

$164.96 $161.41/ea

Touch Plate Combo Tester

Botron B8211/Pemro # BOT-1637

$179.96 $176.08/ea

Combo Tester w/Plate

Botron B82451/Pemro # BOT-1658

$247.45 $238.85/ea

ELITE Complete

Botron B88025/Pemro # BOT-2041

$3,758.75 $3,622.89/ea

Wrist Strap Tester, 9V Battery

Desco 19240/Pemro # DES-1525


Combo Wrist Strap/Fottwear Tester

SCS 770030/Pemro # MMM-1958

$285.25 $261.14/ea

Wrist Strap/Footwear Test Station Only

Transforming Technologies GTS600/Pemro # TRT-1071

$455.58 $410.02/ea

Combo Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester

Transforming Technologies PDT800/Pemro # TRT-1185

$1,461.02 $1,314.91/ea

Combo Tester

ACL Staticide 750WS/Pemro # ACL-1108

$2,092.00 $1,658.54/ea

Aluminum Floot Plate

Botron B82452/Pemro # BOT-1584

$173.95 $170.21/ea

Dual Footwear/Wrist Tester w/Stand

Botron B82250/Pemro # BOT-1681

$481.40 $452.45/ea

Deluxe Two Foot Test Station w/Stand

Botron B8525/Pemro # BOT-1703

$667.36 $627.21/ea

ELITE Complete Tester

Botron B88010/Pemro # BOT-2040

$4,200.00 $4,048.19/ea

ELITE Complete

Botron B88000/Pemro # BOT-2042

$3,741.25 $3,606.02/ea

ELITE Software

Botron B88020/Pemro # BOT-2043

$3,680.00 $3,607.23/ea

ELITE Complete

Botron B88030/Pemro # BOT-2045

$4,325.00 $4,168.67/ea

ELITE - Tester only

Botron B89000/Pemro # BOT-2065

$876.30 $812.90/ea

Wrist Strap Tester, 2 State

Desco 19350/Pemro # DES-1531

$118.22 $114.63/ea

Wrist Strap Tester, 2 State

Desco 19351/Pemro # DES-1532

$130.27 $126.32/ea

Stand for Use With Combo Tester

Desco 98254/Pemro # DES-1869

$178.92 $173.50/ea

Stainless Steel Footplate

Desco 98273/Pemro # DES-1872

$146.72 $142.28/ea

AC Outlet & Wrist Strap Tester, UK/ASIA

Desco 98131/Pemro # DES-2122

$116.46 $112.93/ea

Portable Wrist Strap Tester

SCS 725/Pemro # MMM-1044

$93.14 $87.07/ea

Power Supply for Workstation Monitor

SCS 724P/Pemro # MMM-1491

$8.74 $8.68/ea

Power Supply for Wrist Strap Tester

SCS 746P/Pemro # MMM-1502

$33.28 $33.07/ea

Deluxe Combo Tester & Foot Plate

Transforming Technologies GTS900/Pemro # TRT-1074

$701.59 $631.43/ea

Door Opening Leads Tester Upgrade

ACL Staticide 740/Pemro # ACL-1121

$385.00 $347.22/ea

Foot Plate

Botron B8506P/Pemro # BOT-1976

$71.98 $70.44/ea

ELITE- Tester only

Botron B89010/Pemro # BOT-2047

$1,210.56 $1,122.97/ea

Label Printer

Transforming Technologies 7100.PGT120.COM.D.2/Pemro # TRT-1990

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Combo Wrist Strap/Footwear Test Station

Transforming Technologies PDT700/Pemro # TRT-1180

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Combo Wrist Strap and Footwear Tester

Transforming Technologies PDT700K/Pemro # TRT-1181

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Wrist Strap Tester Wall Plate

Botron B8506WP/Pemro # BOT-1929

$37.49 $36.68/ea

Test Stand Only

Botron B82453/Pemro # BOT-1653

$232.45 $224.38/ea

ELITE Complete Tester

Botron B88100/Pemro # BOT-2046

$1,425.84 $1,322.68/ea

Combo Tester, SS Foot Plate, Molded Base

Desco 19283/Pemro # DES-3674

$396.49 $384.47/ea

Combination Ground Tester

with RS232 Interface

Transforming Technologies 7100.PGT120.COM/Pemro # TRT-1525

$1,980.77 $1,782.69/ea

Combination Ground Tester

Transforming Technologies 7100.PGT120.US/Pemro # TRT-1529

$1,576.69 $1,419.02/ea

Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Transforming Technologies 7100.PGT120.TEST.10/Pemro # TRT-1984

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Transforming Technologies 7100.PGT120.TEST.16/Pemro # TRT-1985

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Human Interface Device/Bar Code or RFID

Transforming Technologies HID/Pemro # TRT-1986

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Key Pad

Transforming Technologies Keypad/Pemro # TRT-1987

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Transforming Technologies Cardswipe/Pemro # TRT-1988

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Relay Module for PGT120

Transforming Technologies 7100.PGT120.TEST.12/Pemro # TRT-1989

$243.79 $219.41/ea