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Precision Electrostatic Locator w/Case

ACL Staticide 300B/Pemro # ACL-1110


Pocket Static Fieldmeter/Ionizer Analyze

Transforming Technologies EFM115/Pemro # TRT-1439


Check Meter w/Carrying Case

ACL Staticide 100/Pemro # ACL-1109

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Digital Static Locator w/ Carrying Case

ACL Staticide 350/Pemro # ACL-1111


Ionized Environment Electrostat. Locator

ACL Staticide 450/Pemro # ACL-1112


Portable Charged Plate System w/case

ACL Staticide 450CPS/Pemro # ACL-1113


Test Kit for Static Control Surfaces

SCS 701/Pemro # MMM-1027


Electrostatic Charger w/Graph

Botron B48382/Pemro # BOT-1889


Static Sensor

SCS 718/Pemro # MMM-1065


Accessory Kit, Charge Plate and Charger

SCS 718A/Pemro # MMM-1484


Electrostatic Field Meter

Botron B48282/Pemro # BOT-1723


Digital Electrostatic Field Meter

Botron B48281/Pemro # BOT-1893


Electrostatic Charger

Botron B48282C/Pemro # BOT-1938


Mini ZVM Monitor with North America

Desco 19101/Pemro # DES-3141


Mini ZVM Monitor with No Adapter

Desco 19102/Pemro # DES-3142


Ground Hub Monitor, 220V, Asia Power

Desco 19224/Pemro # DES-3143


Ground Gard 4.5 Plus Monitor

Desco 94390/Pemro # DES-3290


Ground Gard 5 Plus Monitor

Desco 94391/Pemro # DES-3291


Ground Gard 4.5 Plus Monitor

Desco 94392/Pemro # DES-3292


Ground Gard 5 Plus Monitor

Desco 94393/Pemro # DES-3293


Ground Gard 5.5 Plus Monitor

Desco SPI-20686/Pemro # DES-3656


Charge Analyzer

SCS 711/Pemro # MMM-1483


Electrostatic Field Meter

Botron B48282KIT/Pemro # BOT-1930


Digital Stat Arc 3 w/ Carry Case

Transforming Technologies 282A-1/Pemro # TRT-1452

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Electrostatic Field Meter EFM® 51

Transforming Technologies 7100.EFM51/Pemro # TRT-1519