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2.5mm Round Nozzle, NR04, for HAP2 and H Old Part Number = 0058736881

Weller T0058736881N (0058736881)/Pemro # WEL-1199


10.5mm x 10.5mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058727779

Weller T0058727779N (0058727779)/Pemro # WEL-1168


2mm Round Bent Nozzle, R08, for HAP1 Sma Old Part Number = 0058727786

Weller T0058727786N (0058727786)/Pemro # WEL-1175


2.5mm Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R10, for HAP Old Part Number = 0058727787

Weller T0058727787N (0058727787)/Pemro # WEL-1176


3.0mm Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R06, for HAP R06 / T0058727822

Weller 0058727822 (T0058727822)/Pemro # WEL-1177


Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R02, for HAP1 Smal

Weller 0058727823 (T0058727823)/Pemro # WEL-1178


Hotgas-Nozzle,Nq45,32,0X32,0 Old Part Number = 0058736833

Weller T0058736833N (0058736833)/Pemro # WEL-1189


21.5mm x 14.8mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058736840

Weller T0058736840N (0058736840)/Pemro # WEL-1193


19mm x 12mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058736841

Weller T0058736841N (0058736841)/Pemro # WEL-1194


14mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058736842

Weller T0058736842N (0058736842)/Pemro # WEL-1195


4mm Round Nozzle, NR05, for HAP2 and HAP Old Part Number = 0058736867

Weller T0058736867N (0058736867)/Pemro # WEL-1197


15mm x 10mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle, Q06

Weller T0058727780N (T0058727780)/Pemro # WEL-1169


15mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle, D08 Old Part Number = 0058727781

Weller T0058727781N (0058727781)/Pemro # WEL-1170


13mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle, D06 Old Part Number = 0058727782

Weller T0058727782N (0058727782)/Pemro # WEL-1171


18mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle, D10 Old Part Number = 0058727784

Weller T0058727784N (0058727784)/Pemro # WEL-1173


Hotgas Nozzle,Nq40,26,0X26,0 Old Part Number = 0058736804

Weller T0058736804N (0058736804)/Pemro # WEL-1185


Hotgas-Nozzle,Nq25,18.0X18.0 Old Part Number = 0058736814

Weller T0058736814N (0058736814)/Pemro # WEL-1187


Hotgas Nozzle,Nq10,14,8X14,8 Old Part Number = 0058736818

Weller T0058736818N (0058736818)/Pemro # WEL-1188


14mm x 10mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle

Weller T0058736838N (T0058736838)/Pemro # WEL-1191


11mm x 11mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058736839

Weller T0058736839N (0058736839)/Pemro # WEL-1192


10.7mm x 10.7mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058736843

Weller T0058736843N (0058736843)/Pemro # WEL-1196


7mm Round Nozzle, NR10, for HAP2 and HAP Old Part Number = 0058736870

Weller T0058736870N (0058736870)/Pemro # WEL-1198


1.5mm x 3mm x 45° Bent Nozzle, NR02 Old Part Number = 0058736882

Weller T0058736882N (0058736882)/Pemro # WEL-1200


2mm x 2.5mm x 9.5mm Round Nozzle

Weller T0058736883N/Pemro # WEL-1201


Digital 700W Hot Air Station with Built- New Part Number: TWHA3000P

Weller WHA3000P (TWHA3000P)/Pemro # WEL-2227


Edsyn 1036 (Self-Cont Hot Air Station)

Edsyn 1036/Pemro # EDS-1056


Edsyn 971HA (Surf Mount Rework Station)

Edsyn 971HA/Pemro # EDS-1055


SMD Rework Station

Hakko 851-2/Pemro # HKO-3110


Edsyn LU572

Edsyn LU572/Pemro # EDS-2023


12.5mm x 15mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058727783

Weller T0058727783N (0058727783)/Pemro # WEL-1172


Edsyn LT535 (Dual Flow Hot Air Tip)

Edsyn LT535/Pemro # EDS-1083


Edsyn LT432

Edsyn LT432/Pemro # EDS-1937


Hot Air Nozzle - 2.0mm, Bent for FM-2029

Hakko N4-05/Pemro # HKO-4283


Edsyn 1036DX (S/C Hot Air SMT Station)

Edsyn 1036DX/Pemro # EDS-1002


Edsyn LU27 (SMT Rework Tip)

Edsyn LU27/Pemro # EDS-1042


Edsyn LU29 (SMT Rework Tip)

Edsyn LU29/Pemro # EDS-1043


Edsyn LU30 (SMT Rework Tip)

Edsyn LU30/Pemro # EDS-1044


Edsyn LT054-1

Edsyn LT054-1/Pemro # EDS-1865


Edsyn LT434

Edsyn LT434/Pemro # EDS-1938


Edsyn LT435

Edsyn LT435/Pemro # EDS-1939


Edsyn LT472

Edsyn LT472/Pemro # EDS-1971


Edsyn LT483

Edsyn LT483/Pemro # EDS-1978


Edsyn LT512

Edsyn LT512/Pemro # EDS-1993


Edsyn LT526

Edsyn LT526/Pemro # EDS-1998


Edsyn LT536

Edsyn LT536/Pemro # EDS-2000


Edsyn LT537

Edsyn LT537/Pemro # EDS-2001


Edsyn LT572

Edsyn LT572/Pemro # EDS-2005


Edsyn LT771

Edsyn LT771/Pemro # EDS-2007


Edsyn LU25

Edsyn LU25/Pemro # EDS-2013


Edsyn LU28

Edsyn LU28/Pemro # EDS-2015


Edsyn LU571

Edsyn LU571/Pemro # EDS-2022


Single Nozzle: 2.5 mm

Hakko A1124B/Pemro # HKO-2027


Nozzle: 0.6mm

Hakko A1487/Pemro # HKO-1920


Nozzle: 2.3mm

Hakko A1396/Pemro # HKO-1965


Single Nozzle: 4.4 mm

Hakko A1130/Pemro # HKO-2028


Thin Pad Nozzle: 1.0mm

Hakko A1393/Pemro # HKO-2049


ESD Analog Hot Air Station(See FR810-05)

Hakko FR801-11/Pemro # HKO-2834

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Hand Held Convection Tool, 115V

Metcal HCT-900-11/Pemro # MTC-2603


Edsyn LT510

Edsyn LT510/Pemro # EDS-1990


Edsyn LT511 (Bent Hot Air Tip)

Edsyn LT511/Pemro # EDS-1991


Edsyn LT514 (Hot Air Tip)

Edsyn LT514/Pemro # EDS-1997


Edsyn LT570BC (Knife Solder Tip)

Edsyn LT570BC/Pemro # EDS-2003


Nozzle: 1.3mm

Hakko A1395/Pemro # HKO-1951


Nozzle: 3.0 mm

Hakko A1067/Pemro # HKO-1970


Single Bent Nozzle: 1.5 x 3 mm

Hakko A1142B/Pemro # HKO-1978


Dual Nozzle

Hakko A1325/Pemro # HKO-1994


QFP Nozzle: 15.2 x 21.2 mm

Hakko A1128B/Pemro # HKO-2015


QFP Nozzle: 10.2 x 10.2 mm

Hakko A1125B/Pemro # HKO-2016


QFP Nozzle: 15.2 x 15.2 mm

Hakko A1126B/Pemro # HKO-2018


SIP Nozzle: 25.5 x 1 mm

Hakko A1191/Pemro # HKO-2029


SOP Nozzle: 16 x 7.2 mm

Hakko A1133/Pemro # HKO-2038


SOP Nozzle: 19 x 7.2 mm

Hakko A1134/Pemro # HKO-2039


SOP Nozzle: 21 x 11.7 mm

Hakko A1257B/Pemro # HKO-2041


SOP Nozzle: 29 x 13.5 mm

Hakko A1259B/Pemro # HKO-2042


Discontinued... See FR810-05

Hakko FR802-11/Pemro # HKO-2832

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Rework Unit: Air Blower Not Included

Hakko 485-1-V12/Pemro # HKO-2981


12mm x 1.5mm Flat Hot Air Nozzle, F06 Old Part Number = 0058727772

Weller T0058727772N (0058727772)/Pemro # WEL-1161


6mm x 6.5mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle Old Part Number = 0058727777

Weller T0058727777N (0058727777)/Pemro # WEL-1166


6mm x 9mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle, Q04, fo

Weller T0058727778N (T0058727778)/Pemro # WEL-1167


Edsyn LT534

Edsyn LT534/Pemro # EDS-1999


Nozzle: 1.0 mm

Hakko A1147/Pemro # HKO-1939


Nozzle: 1.5 mm

Hakko A1065/Pemro # HKO-1955


Nozzle: 2.0 mm

Hakko A1066/Pemro # HKO-1964


BQFP Nozzle: 20 x 20 mm

Hakko A1181B/Pemro # HKO-1989


BQFP Nozzle: 24 x 24 mm

Hakko A1182B/Pemro # HKO-1990


BQFP Nozzle: 35 x 35 mm

Hakko A1203B/Pemro # HKO-1991


BQFP Nozzle: 18 x 18 mm

Hakko A1180B/Pemro # HKO-1992


Dual Nozzle: 1.0 dia x 2, 4.0mm

Hakko A1344/Pemro # HKO-1993


Dual Nozzle

Hakko A1190/Pemro # HKO-1995


PLCC Nozzle: 36.5 x 36.5 mm

Hakko A1189B/Pemro # HKO-2006


PLCC Nozzle: 10 x 10 mm

Hakko A1188B/Pemro # HKO-2008


PLCC Nozzle: 13 x 13 mm

Hakko A1140B/Pemro # HKO-2009


PLCC Nozzle: 13 x 15 mm

Hakko A1141B/Pemro # HKO-2010


PLCC Nozzle: 18.5 x 18.5 mm

Hakko A1135B/Pemro # HKO-2011


PLCC Nozzle: 21 x 21 mm

Hakko A1136B/Pemro # HKO-2012


PLCC Nozzle: 26 x 26 mm

Hakko A1137B/Pemro # HKO-2013


PLCC Nozzle: 31 x 31 mm

Hakko A1138B/Pemro # HKO-2014


QFP Nozzle: 12.2 x 12.2 mm

Hakko A1262B/Pemro # HKO-2017


QFP Nozzle: 19.2 x 19.2 mm

Hakko A1127B/Pemro # HKO-2019


QFP Nozzle: 20.2 x 20.2 mm

Hakko A1261B/Pemro # HKO-2020