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2.5mm Round Nozzle, NR04, for HAP2 and H

Old Part Number = 0058736881

Weller T0058736881N (0058736881)/Pemro # WEL-1199

$95.00 $92.32/ea

Available to Order

10.5mm x 10.5mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058727779

Weller T0058727779N (0058727779)/Pemro # WEL-1168

$136.00 $132.17/ea

Available to Order

2mm Round Bent Nozzle, R08, for HAP1 Sma

Old Part Number = 0058727786

Weller T0058727786N (0058727786)/Pemro # WEL-1175

$85.00 $82.61/ea

Available to Order

2.5mm Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R10, for HAP

Old Part Number = 0058727787

Weller T0058727787N (0058727787)/Pemro # WEL-1176

$67.00 $65.11/ea

Available to Order

3.0mm Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R06, for HAP

R06 / T0058727822

Weller 0058727822 (T0058727822)/Pemro # WEL-1177

$6.20 $6.01/ea

In stock

Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R02, for HAP1 Smal

Weller 0058727823 (T0058727823)/Pemro # WEL-1178

$8.10 $7.86/ea

Available to Order


Old Part Number = 0058736833

Weller T0058736833N (0058736833)/Pemro # WEL-1189

$172.00 $167.15/ea

Available to Order

21.5mm x 14.8mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736840

Weller T0058736840N (0058736840)/Pemro # WEL-1193

$103.00 $100.10/ea

Available to Order

19mm x 12mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736841

Weller T0058736841N (0058736841)/Pemro # WEL-1194

$95.00 $92.32/ea

Available to Order

14mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736842

Weller T0058736842N (0058736842)/Pemro # WEL-1195

$132.00 $128.28/ea

Available to Order

4mm Round Nozzle, NR05, for HAP2 and HAP

Old Part Number = 0058736867

Weller T0058736867N (0058736867)/Pemro # WEL-1197

$95.00 $92.32/ea

Available to Order

15mm x 10mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle, Q06

Weller T0058727780N (T0058727780)/Pemro # WEL-1169

$140.00 $136.06/ea

In stock

15mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle, D08

Old Part Number = 0058727781

Weller T0058727781N (0058727781)/Pemro # WEL-1170

$220.00 $213.80/ea

Available to Order

13mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle, D06

Old Part Number = 0058727782

Weller T0058727782N (0058727782)/Pemro # WEL-1171

$220.00 $213.80/ea

Available to Order

18mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle, D10

Old Part Number = 0058727784

Weller T0058727784N (0058727784)/Pemro # WEL-1173

$289.00 $280.86/ea

Available to Order

Hotgas Nozzle,Nq40,26,0X26,0

Old Part Number = 0058736804

Weller T0058736804N (0058736804)/Pemro # WEL-1185

$99.00 $96.21/ea

Available to Order


Old Part Number = 0058736814

Weller T0058736814N (0058736814)/Pemro # WEL-1187

$94.00 $91.35/ea

Available to Order

Hotgas Nozzle,Nq10,14,8X14,8

Old Part Number = 0058736818

Weller T0058736818N (0058736818)/Pemro # WEL-1188

$99.00 $96.21/ea

Available to Order

14mm x 10mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle

Weller T0058736838N (T0058736838)/Pemro # WEL-1191

$134.00 $130.23/ea

Available to Order

11mm x 11mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736839

Weller T0058736839N (0058736839)/Pemro # WEL-1192

$138.00 $134.11/ea

Available to Order

10.7mm x 10.7mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736843

Weller T0058736843N (0058736843)/Pemro # WEL-1196

$114.00 $110.79/ea

Available to Order

7mm Round Nozzle, NR10, for HAP2 and HAP

Old Part Number = 0058736870

Weller T0058736870N (0058736870)/Pemro # WEL-1198

$95.00 $92.32/ea

Available to Order

1.5mm x 3mm x 45° Bent Nozzle, NR02

Old Part Number = 0058736882

Weller T0058736882N (0058736882)/Pemro # WEL-1200

$95.00 $92.32/ea

Available to Order

2mm x 2.5mm x 9.5mm Round Nozzle

Weller T0058736883N/Pemro # WEL-1201

$227.00 $220.61/ea

Available to Order

12.5mm x 15mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058727783

Weller T0058727783N (0058727783)/Pemro # WEL-1172

$232.00 $225.46/ea

In stock

12mm x 1.5mm Flat Hot Air Nozzle, F06

Old Part Number = 0058727772

Weller T0058727772N (0058727772)/Pemro # WEL-1161

$77.00 $74.83/ea

Available to Order

6mm x 6.5mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058727777

Weller T0058727777N (0058727777)/Pemro # WEL-1166

$45.70 $44.41/ea

Available to Order

6mm x 9mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle, Q04, fo

Weller T0058727778N (T0058727778)/Pemro # WEL-1167

$45.70 $44.41/ea

Available to Order

10mm x 1.5mm Flat Hot Air Nozzle, F04

Old Part Number = 0058727773

Weller T0058727773N (0058727773)/Pemro # WEL-1162

$45.70 $44.41/ea

Available to Order

8mm x 1.5mm Flat Hot Air Nozzle, F02, fo

Old Part Number = 0058727774

Weller T0058727774N (0058727774)/Pemro # WEL-1163

$45.70 $44.41/ea

Available to Order

18mm x 18mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle, Q10

Old Part Number = 0058727785

Weller T0058727785N (0058727785)/Pemro # WEL-1174

$203.00 $197.28/ea

Available to Order

24mm x 12mm 4-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736880

Weller T0058736880N (0058736880)/Pemro # WEL-2365

$343.00 $333.34/ea

Available to Order

Wrk Nozzle Set,27X27/20X20 W. Pick Up

Weller T0058761731N/Pemro # WEL-2640

$127.00 $123.42/ea

Available to Order

Support For Nozzles,WRK

Weller T0051515499N/Pemro # WEL-2799

$125.00 $121.48/ea

Available to Order


Old Part Number = 0058736890

Weller T0058736890N (0058736890)/Pemro # WEL-3249

$535.00 $519.93/ea

Available to Order


Old Part Number = 0058736891

Weller T0058736891N (0058736891)/Pemro # WEL-3250

$475.00 $461.62/ea

Available to Order


Weller T0058750739/Pemro # WEL-3255

$152.00 $147.72/ea

Available to Order


Weller T0058750741/Pemro # WEL-3256

$195.00 $189.51/ea

Available to Order


Weller T0058750742/Pemro # WEL-3257

$152.00 $147.72/ea

Available to Order


Weller ALFA-T/Pemro # WEL-3340

$64.00 $62.20/ea

Available to Order

Metal Nozzle 300 mm

Weller FT-PN/Pemro # WEL-3469

$51.00 $49.56/ea

Available to Order

Black Nozzle, ESD, 190X100 mm

Weller FT-U/Pemro # WEL-3470

$60.00 $58.31/ea

Available to Order

WTHA1, 900W Hot Air Station 120V NA

Weller WTHA1N/Pemro # WEL-3728

$845.00 $821.20/ea

Available to Order

Funnel Nozzle, ESD, 225X100 mm

Weller ALFA/Pemro # WEL-3746

$50.00 $48.59/ea

Available to Order

Metal Sloped Nozzle 60X130mm

Weller FT-NL/Pemro # WEL-3747

$48.20 $46.83/ea

Available to Order

Nq30 Hotgas Nozzle 17.5X23.5

Weller T0058750721N/Pemro # WEL-8033

$93.00 $90.38/ea

Available to Order

Hot Air Station w/ Pump, 650W

Weller WHA900N/Pemro # WEL-8114

Call for price (800) 440-5441

Available to Order

Kit1 Extract.Arm 60 1.5M W. Alfa Nozzle

Weller FT91000037N/Pemro # WEL-3474

$217.00 $210.89/ea

Available to Order

WXHAP 200 Hot Air Set W. Holder WDH 30

Weller T0052712099N/Pemro # WEL-3560

$495.00 $481.06/ea

Available to Order

WHA 3000P Hot Air Station 230V

Weller T0053334699N/Pemro # WEL-3581

$4,310.00 $4,073.84/ea

Available to Order

WR 2000A Hot Air Station 230V F/G

Weller T0053378699N/Pemro # WEL-3589

$1,920.00 $1,814.79/ea

Available to Order

FD4 Nozzle 01.5X10.0

Weller T0058727775/Pemro # WEL-3654

$76.00 $73.86/ea

Available to Order

FD2 Nozzle 01, 5X8, 0

Weller T0058727776/Pemro # WEL-3655

$64.00 $62.20/ea

Available to Order

Nozzle For WF 32 Extraction Arm

Weller T0058762834/Pemro # WEL-3687

$48.80 $47.42/ea

Available to Order

TNR 25 Round Nozzle 2.5mm F. WTHA

Weller T0058768742N/Pemro # WEL-3704

$64.00 $62.20/ea

Available to Order

TNR 40 Round Nozzle 4mm F. WTHA

Weller T0058768743N/Pemro # WEL-3705

$17.20 $16.70/ea

Available to Order

TNR 70 Round Nozzle 7mm F. WTHA

Weller T0058768744N/Pemro # WEL-3706

$30.30 $29.44/ea

Available to Order

TNRB 17 Round Nozzle 1.7mm X 45 F. WTHA

Weller T0058768745N/Pemro # WEL-3707

$66.00 $64.14/ea

Available to Order

TNRB 60 Round Nozzle 6mm X 45 F. WTHA

Weller T0058768746N/Pemro # WEL-3708

$52.00 $50.54/ea

Available to Order

R04 Hotgas-Nozzle 01,2 For Hgp


Weller 0058727821 (T0058727821)/Pemro # WEL-2092

$12.30 $11.94/ea

In stock

Digital 700W Hot Air Station with Built-

Replaces old# WHA3000P

Weller WHA3000PN (TWHA3000P)/Pemro # WEL-2227

$4,060.00 $3,837.53/ea

Available to Order