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Benchtop Smoke Absorber, 120V

Weller WSA350 (WSA350)/Pemro # WEL-2195

$98.00 $95.24/ea

Fume Extractor

Hakko FA430-16/Pemro # HKO-4069

$642.07 $637.75/ea

Edsyn FXF11 (Fume Extraction Unit)

Edsyn FXF11/Pemro # EDS-1019

$94.80 $92.98/ea

Edsyn FX225 (2-Person Fume Extractor)

Edsyn FX225/Pemro # EDS-1057

$944.30 $926.49/ea

Single User, Arm/Plenum, Pre-HEPA-Gas


Metcal BVX-101/Pemro # MTC-1010

$550.00 $529.11/ea

Filter Unit, Two 5' Flexible Arms


Metcal BVX-201-KIT/Pemro # MTC-1178

$806.00 $765.70/ea

Edsyn FXT100

Edsyn FXT100/Pemro # EDS-1620

$297.30 $291.66/ea

Filter Unit,Two 2.5-Flex Arm,6-Hose


Metcal BVX-201-KIT1/Pemro # OKI-3142

$965.00 $916.75/ea

OC White 50030

OC White 50030/Pemro # OCW-1427

$299.00 $291.71/ea

Edsyn FXF11-1

Edsyn FXF11-1/Pemro # EDS-1528

$90.20 $88.48/ea

Edsyn FXF11-230

Edsyn FXF11-230/Pemro # EDS-1530

$122.00 $119.74/ea

Edsyn FXF12

Edsyn FXF12/Pemro # EDS-1531

$134.90 $132.32/ea

OC White 50020

OC White 50020/Pemro # OCW-1426

$299.00 $291.71/ea

Edsyn FXF14W

Edsyn FXF14W/Pemro # EDS-1550

$123.50 $121.19/ea

Fuminator Volume Fume Exractor

Edsyn FX300/Pemro # EDS-1517

$1,101.60 $1,080.79/ea

Single User,Plenum W/Out Arm


Metcal BVX-101-S/Pemro # MTC-1334

$473.00 $455.04/ea

Single User, Arm/Plenum, Pre-Gas


Metcal BVX-103/Pemro # MTC-1335

$550.00 $529.11/ea

Single User, Plenum W/Out Arm

Pre-Gas, 100-240

Metcal BVX-103-S/Pemro # MTC-1336

$473.00 $455.04/ea

Filter Unit For Two Stations

Pre/Deep Bed Gas

Metcal BVX-203/Pemro # MTC-1338

$745.00 $707.75/ea

Filter Unit Tip Extr 8 Stations

100-240V 50-60Hz

Metcal BTX-208/Pemro # MTC-2024

$996.00 $946.20/ea

OC White 50000

OC White 50000/Pemro # OCW-1449

$359.00 $346.02/ea

OC White 50010

OC White 50010/Pemro # OCW-1450

$359.00 $346.02/ea

Bench Top Smoke Absorber

Hakko FA400-04/Pemro # HKO-4026

$77.77 $77.22/ea

Arm Stand for FA400-04 Fume Extractor

Hakko C1568/Pemro # HKO-4028

$171.97 $170.73/ea

Smoke Absorber Benchtop

Aven 17701/Pemro # AVT-3460

$51.53 $43.55/ea

Single User, Arm/Plenum, Pre-Gas-Gas


Metcal BVX-105/Pemro # OKI-4446

$450.00 $432.91/ea

Filter Unit SS Combo 120CFM

230VAC/ 50-60Hz

Metcal FX2626S-C/Pemro # MTC-2228

$5,132.00 $5,101.99/ea

Filter Unit SS Combo PVC 120CFM

230VAC/ 50-60Hz

Metcal FX2626S-C2/Pemro # MTC-2229

$5,599.00 $5,566.26/ea

Filter Unit SS Combo 120CFM

115VAC/ 50-60Hz

Metcal FX2620S-C/Pemro # MTC-2226

$5,132.00 $5,101.99/ea

Filter Unit SS Combo Pvc 120CFM

115VAC/ 50-60Hz

Metcal FX2620S-C2/Pemro # MTC-2227

$5,599.00 $5,566.26/ea

Edsyn FX500

Edsyn FX500/Pemro # EDS-1518

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Edsyn FXF11-100

Edsyn FXF11-100/Pemro # EDS-1529

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Edsyn FXF14W-1

Edsyn FXF14W-1/Pemro # EDS-1551

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Edsyn FXF14W-230

Edsyn FXF14W-230/Pemro # EDS-1553

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Edsyn FXL40

Edsyn FXL40/Pemro # EDS-1565

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Edsyn FXF12-1

Edsyn FXF12-1/Pemro # EDS-1532

$128.80 $126.36/ea

Edsyn FXF12-100

Edsyn FXF12-100/Pemro # EDS-1533

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Edsyn FXF12-230

Edsyn FXF12-230/Pemro # EDS-1534

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Edsyn FXF14-1

Edsyn FXF14-1/Pemro # EDS-1536

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Edsyn FXF14-100

Edsyn FXF14-100/Pemro # EDS-1537

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Edsyn FXF14-230

Edsyn FXF14-230/Pemro # EDS-1538

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Edsyn FXF14B

Edsyn FXF14B/Pemro # EDS-1539

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Edsyn FXF14B-100

Edsyn FXF14B-100/Pemro # EDS-1540

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Edsyn FXF14B-230

Edsyn FXF14B-230/Pemro # EDS-1541

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Edsyn FXF14G-1

Edsyn FXF14G-1/Pemro # EDS-1543

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Edsyn FXF14G-100

Edsyn FXF14G-100/Pemro # EDS-1544

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Edsyn FXF14G-230

Edsyn FXF14G-230/Pemro # EDS-1545

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Edsyn FXF14R

Edsyn FXF14R/Pemro # EDS-1546

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Edsyn FXF14R-1

Edsyn FXF14R-1/Pemro # EDS-1547

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Edsyn FXF14R-100

Edsyn FXF14R-100/Pemro # EDS-1548

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Edsyn FXF14R-230

Edsyn FXF14R-230/Pemro # EDS-1549

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Replacement Pre Filter for T15

BOFA Americas, Inc. A1030095/Pemro # BOF-1001

$101.00 $98.19/ea

Replacement Combined Filter for T15

BOFA Americas, Inc. A1030094/Pemro # BOF-1002

$239.00 $232.36/ea

2 Operator Fume Extractor, Self-Containe

WFE2P / T0053623299

Weller 0053623299 (T0053623299)/Pemro # WEL-1127

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MG100S Kit1 Fume Extraction 110-240V B

Weller U-100-1056-ESDN/Pemro # WEL-3773


Zero Smog 2 Fume Extr. Unit 120V B

Weller ZEROSMOG2/Pemro # WEL-3775

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Bench Top Smoke Absorber

Hakko FA400-04/P/Pemro # HKO-4538

$77.77 $77.22/ea

Fume Extraction System, Rectang Nozzle

Hakko FA430-KIT1/Pemro # HKO-4721

$777.57 $772.32/ea

Fume Extraction System, Round Nozzle

Hakko FA430-KIT2/Pemro # HKO-4722

$777.57 $772.32/ea

HEPA/Carbon Main Filter for FA-430

Hakko A1573/Pemro # HKO-5014

$207.07 $204.30/ea

Pre-Filters for FA-430 / Pack of 10

Hakko A1572/Pemro # HKO-5015

$23.77 $23.42/ea

Fume Extract Clip Attach,EC1302/ EC1503

Weller ECMFE/Pemro # WEL-1496

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Zero SmogĀ® 2 Fume Extraction Kit

Weller ZEROSMOG2KIT1 (037103266927)/Pemro # WEL-8113

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75mm Downdraft Table

Edsyn FXT200/Pemro # EDS-1621

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Edsyn FXT300

Edsyn FXT300/Pemro # EDS-1622


Edsyn FXT300-1

Edsyn FXT300-1/Pemro # EDS-1623

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Edsyn FXV2

Edsyn FXV2/Pemro # EDS-1624

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Edsyn HB355

Edsyn HB355/Pemro # EDS-1625

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Fume Extraction Adapter, WMRP

New Part Number: T0058751818

Weller 0058751818 (T0058751818)/Pemro # WEL-2727

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New Part Number: T0053660299

Weller 0053660299 (T0053660299)/Pemro # WEL-3151

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Zero Smog 6V Fume Extraction

New Part Number: T0053666299

Weller 0053666299 (T0053666299)/Pemro # WEL-3414

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FT 12 Fume Extraction Unit

Weller 112-0000-ESDN/Pemro # WEL-3452


Zero Smog 4V 100/120V B Kit1 Funnel

Weller T0053662299N/Pemro # WEL-3604


Zero Smog Tl Kit1 WF Funnel 120V B

Weller ZEROSMOGTLKIT1N/Pemro # WEL-3733


WFE 2ES Fume Extraction Unit 230V

Weller T0053650699N/Pemro # WEL-3752

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WFE 2ES Fume Extrac. 230V Kit1 WF Funnel

Weller T0053651689N/Pemro # WEL-3753

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Zero Smog 4V Fume Extraction 100/120V B

Weller T0053660299N/Pemro # WEL-3760


Zero Smog 4V 100/120V B Kit2 Funnel

Weller T0053664299N/Pemro # WEL-3762


Zero Smog 6V Fume Extraction 100/120V B

Weller T0053666299N/Pemro # WEL-3763


Unit, Fume Extraction, MG100S 110-240V

Weller U-100-1000-ESD/Pemro # WEL-3771

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