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Chain Nose Pliers

Xcelite LN54VN/Pemro # XCE-1046

$33.10 $32.15/ea

In stock

4" Mini Needle Nose Pliers/Smooth Jaws

Xcelite L4GN/Pemro # XCE-1053

$33.70 $32.75/ea

In stock

Round Nose Pliers with HandSaver Grips

Lindstrom HS7590 (HS-7590)/Pemro # LND-1028

$93.50 $74.54/ea

In stock

Chain Nose Pliers w/Ergo Grips

Lindstrom HS7891 (HS-7891)/Pemro # LND-1030

$101.35 $80.78/ea

Available to Order

5 1/2" Slim Line Needle Nose Pliers

Xcelite NN55GN/Pemro # XCE-1057

$39.10 $37.99/ea

Available to Order

6" Long Needle Nose Pliers, Smooth Jaws,

Xcelite NN7776GN/Pemro # XCE-1060

$39.20 $38.08/ea

Available to Order

Midget Cutting Pliers Pointed Narrow Jaw

Klein Tools D259-4C/Pemro # KLN-1006

$57.58 $48.66/ea

Available to Order

5" Electronics Diagonal Cutting Pliers

Klein Tools D244-5C/Pemro # KLN-1007

$62.12 $52.49/ea

In stock

8'' High Leverage Diagonal-Cutters

Klein Tools D228-8/Pemro # KLN-1117

$42.78 $36.15/ea

In stock

Supreme Pliers, Flat Nose

Lindstrom 7490/Pemro # LND-1066

$62.00 $49.42/ea

In stock