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2.5mm Round Nozzle, NR04, for HAP2 and H

Old Part Number = 0058736881

Weller T0058736881N (0058736881)/Pemro # WEL-1199

$95.00 $92.32/ea

Available to Order

10.5mm x 10.5mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058727779

Weller T0058727779N (0058727779)/Pemro # WEL-1168

$136.00 $132.17/ea

Available to Order

2mm Round Bent Nozzle, R08, for HAP1 Sma

Old Part Number = 0058727786

Weller T0058727786N (0058727786)/Pemro # WEL-1175

$85.00 $82.61/ea

Available to Order

2.5mm Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R10, for HAP

Old Part Number = 0058727787

Weller T0058727787N (0058727787)/Pemro # WEL-1176

$67.00 $65.11/ea

Available to Order

3.0mm Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R06, for HAP

R06 / T0058727822

Weller 0058727822 (T0058727822)/Pemro # WEL-1177

$6.20 $6.01/ea

In stock

Round Hot Gas Nozzle, R02, for HAP1 Smal

Weller 0058727823 (T0058727823)/Pemro # WEL-1178

$8.10 $7.86/ea

Available to Order


Old Part Number = 0058736833

Weller T0058736833N (0058736833)/Pemro # WEL-1189

$172.00 $167.15/ea

Available to Order

21.5mm x 14.8mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736840

Weller T0058736840N (0058736840)/Pemro # WEL-1193

$103.00 $100.10/ea

Available to Order

19mm x 12mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736841

Weller T0058736841N (0058736841)/Pemro # WEL-1194

$95.00 $92.32/ea

Available to Order

14mm x 10mm 2-Sides Heated Nozzle

Old Part Number = 0058736842

Weller T0058736842N (0058736842)/Pemro # WEL-1195

$132.00 $128.28/ea

Available to Order