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Wire Stripper/22-30 Solid,24-32 Stranded

Ideal Industries 45-125/Pemro # IDL-1003


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5-1/4" Wire Stripper, 22-8 AWG

Xcelite 103SNV/Pemro # XCE-1104

$20.70 $20.11/ea

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Klein-KurveĀ® Wire Stripper and Cutter

Klein Tools 11057/Pemro # KLN-1750

$32.72 $27.65/ea

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T-5 Wire Stripper, 10-18AWG Solid

Ideal Industries 45-120/Pemro # IDL-1001


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Wire Stripper/14-24 Solid,16-26 Stranded

Ideal Industries 45-121/Pemro # IDL-1002


In stock

Dial Wire Stripper

General Tools 69/Pemro # GNT-1019


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32 AWG to 10 AWG Combination, Self-adjus

Xcelite SAS3210/Pemro # XCE-1753

$124.00 $120.51/ea

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4-3/4" Fine Adjust. Stripper, 30-18AWG

Erem 510AE/Pemro # ERM-1076

$149.00 $144.80/ea

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Premium T-14 NM T-Stripper Wire Stripper

Ideal Industries 45-247/Pemro # IDL-1014


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Wire Stripper and Cutter Compact

Klein Tools 1003/Pemro # KLN-1356

$16.50 $13.94/ea

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