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63/37 Bar Solder

Industry standard (Sn63/Pb37) leaded bar solder.

Indium BAROT-06466 (06466)/Pemro # IND-1024


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SAC305 Lead-Free Bar Solder

Industry leading (Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5) bar solder.

Indium BAROT-06458 (06458)/Pemro # IND-1023


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Indalloy 291 Lead-Free Bar Solder

SN100C direct replacement (Sn99.25Cu0.7Ni0.05Ge<0.1) bar solder.

Indium BAROT-051424 (051424)/Pemro # IND-1260


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Sn995 Lead-Free Bar Solder

Low-maintenance, low-cost (Sn99.5Cu0.5Co) alternative to SN100/K100 types.

Indium BAROT-06759 (06759)/Pemro # IND-1025


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63/37 Low Dross Bar Solder

Low Dross (Sn63/Pb37) leaded bar solder.

Indium BAROT-06781 (06781)/Pemro # IND-1056


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SAC305 Low Dross Bar Solder

Low Dross (Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5) lead-free bar solder.

Indium BAROT-06961 (06961)/Pemro # IND-1057


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100% Tin (Sn100) Bar Solder

Indium BAROT-06749 (06749)/Pemro # IND-1060


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63/37 Bar Solder Chips

Indium BAROT-050112 (050112)/Pemro # IND-1307


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SAC305 Bar Solder Chips

Indium BAROT-06773 (06773)/Pemro # IND-1308


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Sn995 Bar Chips

Indium BAROT-06817 (06817)/Pemro # IND-1309


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